Are you an Anti-Oppressive Communicator? What does anti- oppressive communication even mean? How can we move beyond the supremacy of the written word ...View Details

How do we create a social infrastructure that enables us to bounce forward to a more equitable intentional, meaningful and community centred processes...View Details

Many smaller organizations are founded to solve a problem in society and often do not have a full time fundraiser. In fact, a lot of people in those o...View Details

How can white women use their privilege, power and voices to combat systemic racism? In her most recent article “The Issue of Well-Meaning White Women...View Details

In the spirit of summer fun, today we are trying something totally new! We are geeking out over nonprofit podcasts and have gathered six of our favour...View Details

We are thrilled to welcome Barbara Floersch to the podcast today. Our conversation with Barbara blew our mind and completely changed our bias’s about ...View Details

After years of only knowing each other on social media. T. Clay Buck and Paul Nazareth finally have a chance to sit down and have a meaningful convers...View Details

We recently sat down with T. Clay Buck to talk about data, mid level donors, governance and community centred fundraising….all sorts of things. This i...View Details

The idea for The Intersection was sparked by the polarizing dialogue about needing to choose between Donor Centred Fundraising and Community Centred F...View Details

Today we are thrilled to welcome philanthropist and nature lover Dr. Isobel Ralston to the hub. In 2017 after exiting their respective careers Dr. Iso...View Details

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