We are thrilled to welcome Ann Rosenfield into the hub. Over the past thirty years Ann has raised millions of dollars for a variety of organizations. ...View Details

Are you showing up like a bull in a china shop? Approaching your work like a bulldozer? How’s that working for you? What would happen if you stopped a...View Details

Once again we are happy to welcome Mark Hierlihy to the pod. Mark is the CEO of Canada’s Children’s Hospital Foundation. He is known for building coll...View Details

“How can I help you be more amazing today?” Today in the hub Charity Well-being consultant, Claire Warner and Kimberley share an intimate conversation...View Details

“When you want to go fast go alone, when you want to go far go together.” Consultants. Do you need one? How do you find one? Clients. How do you know ...View Details

To be honest, I didn't think this gathering would turn into a podcast. And then I listened to it. The entire thing! Several times. You may remember la...View Details

Do you live a purpose driven life? Do you know what your purpose is? Have you heard about crafting a personal mission statement but thought it kind of...View Details

While preparing for Friday's podcast Mark Hierlihy started telling an amazing story about the time, he was invited to present at a puppetry conference...View Details

"I want to be out there and name the Jaberwocky’s and the Boogy man."   In this episode Paul is unleashed and shares the three biggest issues in our s...View Details

“It shouldn’t have taken a pandemic for the charitable sector to figure out how to treat their people well.” Welcome to The Intersection. A hub where ...View Details

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