Did you know that over 90,000 hours or one third of your life is spent working. What would the world look like if we had a different viewpoint around ...View Details

S03E10 - Constant Changes

Rickesh Lakhani is one of the most emotionally intelligent and generous thought leaders in the charitable sector he was the very first guest we hosted...View Details

Today we pull back the curtain on the personal life of Sam Laprade. Sam’s resilience, grit, strength and the beautiful green eyes of her daughter, hav...View Details

A colleague once described our Chandler as “kindest person to ever challenge you”. I have to say I also think he is my new best friend. If you can put...View Details

This conversation might make you feel a little uncomfortable and it might be the most important podcast you listen to. I first came to know of Martha ...View Details

I’m totally geeking out in this episode because I love talking about systemic change and how to go all the way upstream to create lasting change and c...View Details

It’s important to start this episode by saying that my guest Heather Nelson and I are not experts in the complicated situation unfolding with respect ...View Details

Dan Hanley is one of the nicest most authentic people I know and I’m so grateful to him for joining us in conversation today. It you don’t know Dan yo...View Details

Okay so we may not be hanging out in Clubhouse that much anymore but there is no denying that some very meaningful relationships were forged there. To...View Details

S03E03 - Spilling the Tea

The first time I logged into a Fundraising Everywhere event I immediately could see that something different was happening. Not only is the platform o...View Details

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